Mutual Fund

Sunrise Capital Limited, fund manager and depository for Sunrise Mutual Fund, is floating 10crore units of fresh equity shares from 8th Ashoj,2076 under its first scheme named Sunrise First Mutual Fund-a closed ended scheme with a maturity of 10 years. The Investment Policy Statement of the scheme focuses on medium to long term capital appreciation, regular income distribution, moderately high risk profile-principal invested will be at moderately high risk ,and investment on listed securities on stock exchange and other fixed income instruments: fixed deposit, government securities.

Care Ratings Nepal Ltd., has assigned Fund Management Quality Rating (FMQR) AMC 3,which means “adequate assurance on management quality of Assets Management Company (AMC) “to the company.

The scheme is being supervised by five distinguished personalities from different fields. The financial competencies in addition to number of years of work experience of supervisors, is definitely an advantage to help to protect the interest of schemes’ unit holders.
Sunrise Capital Limited, previously entitled as NIDC Capital Market limited before acquisition by Sunrise Bank Ltd,has successfully managed two schemes before namely:NCM First Mutual Fund 2050 and NCM Mutual Fund-2059.The average annual return from NCM Mutual fund-2059 was 45.12%.

Note:Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all the scheme related documents carefully before investment